Nepalese Association of Connecticut (NAConn)


Nepalese Association of Connecticut (NAConn) is a non-profit organization established by the American-Nepalese people living in the state of Connecticut. With the growing population of Nepali origin in the state, a need was felt for an official organization to encourage cooperation, goodwill, and mutual support among these residents. The effort to establish an organization started in November 2005 by few members of the community. After more than three years of learning and restructuring this effort culminated in the registration of Nepalese Association of Connecticut as a 501(c)(3) organization in May 2009. The association is involved in different community events including organizing blood donations, participating in the events organized by city of West Hartford, and organizing various cultural and social events to foster Nepali language and cultural heritage. It provides support to people of Nepali origin living in the state to assimilate with the community so that they can fully contribute to the society.


The mission of NAConn is to promote Nepali traditional culture and heritage, and provide a development forum for families and friends of Nepalis in the US. It is committed to working in partnership with community organizations and local and state agencies for the wellbeing of its members and community as a whole.


Our vision is to empower the community members with the understanding of their basic rights and responsibilities and to help them realize their individual potentials and exploit these where possible in a diverse society along with the reflection and preservation of unique cultural heritage.


NAConn has absolute respect for democratic norms and values which will be closely guarded and upheld when it comes to running the community and its development. In particular, we focus on the following key values:

Respect & Dignity: We believe in respecting people’s views and promoting an environment of good team spirit, understanding, tolerance and trust.

Equality: We believe in equality for all, that means equality among members of the community itself, between men and women and children, diverse cultures, traditions and faith of every member and between ethnic communities and the wider society.

Participation: We believe in participatory approach to resolve any issues that befall in our community. We support the rights of our members regardless of who to participate in the decisions which affect their lives.

Empowerment: We believe in our capacity to define our needs, articulate our hopes and fears and represent ourselves locally, regionally and nationally.

Goals and activities

To achieve its mission, the association shall perform activities that include:

  • Celebrating traditional Nepali festivals to preserve and promote cultural heritage
  • Working in partnership with local, regional, and national community organizations to benefit its members and community as a whole
  • Implement educational and other activities that benefit its member in particular and society in general
  • Raising fund for charitable causes in the US and around the world.




Nepalese Association of Connecticut

Mailing address:

155 Randal Avenue

West Hartford, CT ,06110

Phone    : 860-299-3774 (President)

(860) 990-8946 (Secretary)

Email: nepaleseassociationct@gmail.com





Nepalese Association of Connecticut

(Estd. 2009)


A Brief Introduction





Published: April 2012