Blood Donation 2012

– Jaya K. Rai

On March 24, 2012, Nepalese Association of Connecticut (NACon) successfully concluded the second blood drive which was held at the Connecticut Region Blood Services Center of Red Cross.Eighteen energetic volunteers successfully donated their blood in the program. This number is up from 11 successful donation that was held on the 31st of December, 2011.

Among these donors were the NACon chairman Mr. Santosh Lamsal, Secretary Mr. Tilak Malla, advisors Mr. Pramod Pandey and Mr. Nabin Khadka and other executive board members including Mrs. Rekha Gautam, Mr. Romi Yonjan and Mr. Jaya Rai. The remaining donors consisted of NACon members Mr. Laxmi Bajagain, Mr. Tika Ghimire, Mr. Rinku Shreshtha, Mr. Sitaram Pandey, Mr. Badri Parajuli, Mr. Arjun Devkota, Mr. Rajan Humagain, Mr. Narayan Mishra, Mr. Aakash Niraula, Mr. Atul Dangol, and Mr. Shankar Dhakal.

Mr. Jitendra Basnet, the treasurer, Mr. Ramesh Pathak, a board member and many other well wishers including Mr. Ghanashyam Khadka, Mr. Ravi Prajapati, Mr. Sangam Dhakal, Miss Aastha Gautam and Mrs. Sabita Dangol were also present on the occasion.

“The blood drive would not have been successful without these enthusiastic volunteers,” said Mr. Kedar Khatiwada, the co-ordinator of the blood drive committee.

NACon President Mr. Santosh Lamsal stated NACon is proud of and committed to its community services. Therefore, he has appealed everyone for a more active participation in the upcoming community service programs.

NACon worked in close partnership with American Red Cross for this successful event which was coordinated by Mrs. Elizabeth Giungi, account manager with the Red Cross.