Welcome to Nepalese Association of Connecticut!

It is my distinct honor to speak through the Nepalese Association of Connecticut (NACONN) website. I believe that NACONN has grown tremendously and doesn’t need an introduction. From the day of its establishment NACONN has progressed rapidly with exemplary imgfxaccomplishments. First of all I would like to give an earnest appreciation to all of our members who have been a pillars to this growth, and take this opportunity to encourage others to join us.

In May 2015, I accepted the challenge to serve as the President along with my enthusiastic board members. It has been a great honor and privilege to serve the Connecticut Nepalese community. Connecticut has a diverse Nepalese population and it is as a direct result of this diversity that our organization has been able to complete wonderful projects and deliver excellent programs. I am pleased to announce that NACONN is moving forward and driving its agenda in meeting the overall goals and aspiration of Nepalese in Connecticut. The organization from days of its establishment has also done an excellent job in coordinating with all other non-profit organizations within our state, within this nation and in Nepal.

The Mission of NACONN is to promote goodwill and cooperation amongst the Nepalese living within Connecticut. Through celebration of the Nepali cultural activities and festivals NACONN has been able to continue to carry out its mission. NACONN greatly appreciates the continued support and financial assistance received from our members, and donors, throughout different programs and fund raising campaign for charitable causes for Nepal and United States of America. I firmly believe that NACONN in upcoming days will continue to carry on its mission to provide its members with the services through various modes. Our organization is committed towards helping our members in providing information on important sector by conducting event such as Immigration work-shops, tax-filing seminar and particularly connecting representative experts in those matters in helping our members. NACONN has successfully provide Nepali language classes for children in order to promote understanding of their native languages and culture, our other activities includes organization of youth activities in areas such as sports to foster good will, sense of brotherhood and to unite youths for various community events. I firmly believe NACONN will come up with many more educational and other activities such as forums and seminars which can be of value to all the members as well as continue to offer a strong selection of youth and Nepali cultural programs.

I therefore encourage and welcome everyone to join and participate in our events. It’s only through your participation and voices,that our board members and I can serve you better.

If you have any question or suggestions I encourage you to contact us via phone or email.


Shankar Dhakal
President, Nepalese Association of Connecticut (NACONN)

Phone Number (860)-770-8076