EC 2015


Dear community members, 

Greetings from the NACONN Election Committee 2015!


Laxmi Shivakoti, Madhav Atreya and Ashok Srivastav, in the capacity of election committee members for the upcoming election to be held on May 17, would like to thank the Nepalese Community and NACONN Executive Board for having provided us the opportunity to serve. With the official confirmation of the previously nominated election committee members by NACONN Executive Board on March 1, 2015, election commission 2015 has formally started its work. 

With this email, we are officially announcing the start of NACONN election cycle 2015. 

Please see below, the key dates pertaining to the election cycle.

  • Candidacy filing date: Apr 18 – Apr 25
  • Publication of final voting list:  Apr 25
  • Publication of initial list of candidates who filed candidacy : Apr 26
  • Filing of  candidacy related objections, petitions: Apr 26 – Apr 30
  • Final date until which election candidates can withdraw nominations: May 1
  • Vetting & validation of candidates who filed candidacy: May 2
  • Publication of final list of election candidates: May 2
  • Declaration of winners for uncontested posts: May 2
  • Last day until which election candidates can campaign: Midnight of May 14
  • NACONN Election Day: May 17, 2015

Please also find attached with this email key documents pertaining to the election cycle:

  • Election Calendar (In Nepali)
  • Code of Conduct (In Nepali)
  • Candidacy form
  • Member’s list as of Feb 28, 2015     


Please contact NACONN secretary Jaya Rai if your name is missing and/or your address is incorrect.


Election office has been established at 389 Ridgewood Rd, West Hartford, 06107. During the candidacy filing dates, we will have dedicated office hours from 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM on weekdays and from 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM on weekend. An election committee member will be present in person during the office hours. Candidates can also arrange to pick up and/or drop off candidacy forms by calling ahead and arranging to meet one of the election committee members at a suitable location and time. A copy of all the attached documents will be posted at the Election Office. Beginning the week of Apr 18, updated voter list will be made available every week by Sunday of each week. Updated list will be posted at the office and will also be available on NACONN website. Candidates can also pick up the hard copy of candidacy form if they want from the election office. The copies will be put in a brown envelope.


Please call Madhavji ahead for in person visits and inquires. For in person visits outside the posted office hours and days, please make sure you call ahead. Madhavji has graciously agreed to provide usage of his house as election office and we urge everyone to respect his privacy and space by following this simple etiquette of calling ahead and planning the visit around his availability. All of the above documents will also be available in our website. Candidacy form can also be downloaded from the NACONN website and printed.


Please note that the completed candidacy forms must be submitted in person during the office hours and within the candidacy filing dates. If due to extenuating circumstances, you cannot drop the candidacy form during the office hours, an arrangement should be made to drop off the candidacy form by contacting one of the election committee members. Failure to submit the properly completed candidacy form by the deadline will automatically invalidate your candidacy. Please note there will be no exceptions in  the matter.


We encourage the community to actively participate in this wonderful exercise of democracy and help chose the best candidates to represent, serve and strengthen the community. We look forward to all your help, support and active engagement as we all work towards the goal of concluding the election in fair, just and coordinated manner. 


Thank you,


NACONN Election Committee 2015

Ashok Srivastav  

Laxmi Shivakoti                            

 Madhav Atreya,,