On Sunday the 27th of May, Nepalese Association of Connecticut (NAConn) participated in an auspicious celebration of Lord Buddha’s birthday. The celebration took place at International Buddhist Temple and Meditation Center in New Hartford, Connecticut.

The program started off with Buddhist services such as prayer to Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, Three Jewels Offering and Feeding of the Guardians. Then there was offerings and bathing ceremony of Baby Buddha. There were also inspiring speeches by Venerable Master Guru Dae San Sumim, Venerable Bo Kyung and Venerable Bo Gak. Speaking on the occasion, Venerable Bo Gak remarked that we celebrate Independence Day once a year on July 4 but in Buddhism we celebrate Interdependence Day every day.

Addressing the gathering, the president of NAConn, Mr. Santosh Lamsal stressed the importance of understanding Buddha’s teachings and following his message of love, peace, and compassion. He added that the practice of non-violence and panch shila is very important in today’s world which is faced with growing intolerance, violence, and terrorism. He thanked all the Nepalese community members for their enthusiastic participation.

Vice President, Mr. Rishikesh Bhattarai, Treasurer, Mr. Jitendra Basnet, board members Mr. Jaya Kumar Rai and Mr. Romi Yonjan, NAConn Chief Adviser, Dr Gandhi Bhattarai, Adviser Mr. Krishna Adhikari were present on the occasion.

Nepalese community performed a song “Phoolko Aankhama” which translates to “In the eyes of the flower”. The performers were Pooja Lama (singing), Gilder Lama (singing), Silder Lama (singing), Zenith Rai (violin) , Atullya Dangol (guitar), Romi Yonjan (guitar) and Rikchen Lama ( tambourine). The song was translated into English by Mr. Jaya Kumar Rai. Additionally, Mr. Romi Yonjan was instrumental in the success of the celebration. Venerable Master Guru Dae San Sumim appreciated the performance and thanked NAConn for being a part of the celebration.


Letter of Appreciation !

Dear All,

I would like to personally thank all NAConn members who participated in the 2556th Buddha Jayanti Celebration at the International Buddhist Temple and Meditation Center in New Hartford CT past Sunday. Whether we follow Buddhism or any other religions, Buddha’s teachings are always appreciated by every peace loving human being. I personally feel that Buddha is above all religion, and following his path we attain eternal peace.

Thank you Romi-jee for coordinating this effort and to Jaya-jee for working off and on-stage to make it a grand success. The enthusiasm of our youth members, singing the melodious “Phool ko Aankhama” is greatly appreciated. Thank you Gopal-jee for swift reporting of the event in NAConn website (www.ctnepali.org). I appreciate all the efforts from the Executive Committee members to make this happen. Thank you NAConn family to come together at this great day. We should be proud of being from the land where Buddha was born. At the same time, we also have a greater responsibility to follow his teachings and work towards world peace.

I look forward to seeing similar enthusiastic participation in every programs by NAConn.

Thank you,

Gandhi R Bhattarai
Chief Advisor, NAConn